Dance Workshop


In January 2018, the Project linked with acclaimed choreographer Zoie Golding of Fuzzy Vision who created a six-week dance workshop engaging pupils from Cantell Secondary School in exploring the experience of working on the Ford Production Line through dance and movement.

As part of their research, the group invited Ex-Ford worker Bob Painton to visit a rehearsal and demonstrate through action the journey of a Transit down the assembly line.

Despite living close to the former Ford site, none of the pupils had any past links with the Ford factory. Their lack of prior knowledge demonstrated how quickly a city’s heritage – however significant - can be lost to the next generation.

The dancers greatly enjoyed the process of creating an original piece which was then spliced into a 100-strong community dance celebrating Southampton’s rich manufacturing and maritime heritage. This was performed on an open-air stage at the opening of the Nuffield Theatre’s new city venue in February 2018.