Learning Resources

We hope that learners at every age and stage will find this website useful. However, it ties in particularly well to the Key Stage 2 Geography unit on changing local land uses, and the Key Stage 3 History unit on Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world, 1901 to present day.

Key Stage 2

We invite Key Stage 2 teachers to use the Wide Lane site in Swaythling as a case study for exploring changing land uses, and we have developed the following downloadable session plans and resources to get you started.

20 page A4 Educational Booklet

Tracing the three main eras of the Wide Lane site’s history: Taking Off, The Ford Factory, and The Future. Each chapter incorporates personal accounts and ends with suggested activities.

KS2 Geography – Session 1

A 1950s childhood in Swaythling, Southampton – session plan for teachers.

KS2 Geography – Session 2

The Ford factory, Southampton (1953 to 2013) – session plan for teachers.

KS2 Geography – Session 3

A new development for Swaythling (2016 onwards) – session plan for teachers.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 teachers may wish to use the oral history extracts and archive images as resources to explore the topic of social, cultural and technological change in post-war British society. The experiences of Ford factory workers from the 1970s onwards raise some interesting topics for debate.

For example: