Changes in Technology

From its days of wartime aviation to the last Transit van model built there, manufacturing at the site saw many changes in technology. Cunliffe-Owen built Seafires with modified folding wings and designed the twin-engined Concordia. Later the Cierva Autogiro company built the Air Horse and the Skeeter. Ford’s Transit vans production moved from manually built to automation with the latest robot systems.


Former workers at Cunliffe-Owen and Cierva Autogiro spoke of their days building new types of aircraft. Some models were successful, others less so.

Leonard H

My father, he was originally a radio operator at sea…but he worked here in this plant for Cunliffe Owen Aircraft, wiring the planes, you know.

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Ford Processes

Roy A

Here everything is made and you just assemble it, you just screw everything together and bolt it. Production work – the way it’s been designed, you don’t have to know anything. They just show you…

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Mountpark: Eco-Construction

The new development at the site uses the latest energy efficient and environmentally friendly construction methods.

Wal G

Environmental credentials we’ve put onto this building we’ve got, firstly the insulation, we’ve looked at upping all of that and so we’ve tried to reduce the amount of energy dependence the building will have. So…

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