Ford Closure 2013

On 25th October 2012 employees were called to a meeting where the Plant Manager, John Oldham, announced that the plant would close in 9 months. For decades there had been rumours that the plant would close and it had finally happened. The news came as a shock to many who had expected the plant to continue by producing chassis cabs. Others admitted it came as no surprise as they had seen it coming. Most people reflected on the impact the closure would have on the city and local employment opportunities. Five years on we caught up with those who had forged new careers for themselves.

Persistent Rumours

Several employees who joined Ford in the 1970s remembered older workers warning them then that the plant was about to close.

Russ M

And I walked in there, and I felt a little bit out of place ‘cos there’s all these big men in there, you know. The first tea break they all sat down, we all sat…

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Getting the News

There were many emotional scenes as people reacted to the closure announcement with shock, disbelief and panic as they worried about the future.

David C and Andy B

That particular day, I’ll never forget it. I’ll never ever forget that day. I could tell you now who I was stood with, easily remember the Plant Manager stood up there telling us. I’ll never…

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