Fordie Reflections

Reflecting on their time at Ford, there were fond memories and amusing anecdotes of their working lives. Some had arrived planning to work there briefly but ended up staying for many years. The higher than average pay and better working conditions provided a good standard of living. The close-knit workforce shared a sense of family with their colleagues.

Sense of Family

Colleagues working long hours over many years often saw more of each other than they did their families creating a strong sense of family.

Bryan P

At the end of the day once you get past the equipment and the technology, plants are communities of people. At their best they’re a bit like families.

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Job for Life

Good pay and other benefits made Ford an attractive place to work for and most people stayed there for decades.

Stephen H-P

It’s a great company to work for. They do look after their people. When you look at the workforce and you say, ‘How many years have you been here?’ ‘20 or 30 years’. How many…

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