Sense of Family

Colleagues working long hours over many years often saw more of each other than they did their families creating a strong sense of family.

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At the end of the day once you get past the equipment and the technology, plants are communities of people. At their best they’re a bit like families.

Bryan P

It is like a huge family. You get used to seeing everybody everyday that banter, even the bickering and arguing, when you get on each other’s nerves – it’s all part and parcel.

Kerry W

It’s like being part of a family. There’s a lot of people here whose parents used to work here and relatives. So it’s been family-oriented, always has been. I mean we are one big family anyway.

David H

I used to actually look forward to coming in to work – it was so much fun. It was like an extended family. So I think we spend more time in here working in close proximity with friends and everything else. And I think I know more about some of the people in here than I do about my wife.

Philip V

So you were in that factory for about ten hours. So the buddy next to you was more like your bloody wife really, you know. So no wonder there was some arguments in there sometimes. [laughs]

John B

When you’re working in a very close environment in a workshop sometimes things can kick off a little bit. Nothing violent or anything, but obviously there can be a few arguments and then people not talking to each other for a week or even longer. It’s a bit like being at home with the wife sometimes [laughs]. When you work for Ford’s people say, ‘If they cut ‘em in half, it’ll bleed blue or it will have the Ford rock!

Stephen H-P