Work on the constantly moving line was physically demanding and fast-paced. Newcomers found it tough until they got the hang of it.

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It’s quite strange because the work’s hard. You turn up and you see people and you think it looks all relaxed. I mean, you get on one of these jobs and you just sweat like a pig! Some people don’t last the day out.

It’s a lot harder than you think it’s going to be. But you just have to settle into it and after a week or so you probably look as relaxed as other people do. But it is a real baptism of fire!

Martin B

And the first two days there, I always remember, sweating because you’re not used to it, these big guns you’re swinging. But you learn to dance with them, I call it dance with them because soon as you get the hang of the knack, you crack the knack, you just swing it in with you and it’s dead easy.

Tony K

Made me fit. I built up muscles using this big welding gun about this big. When I first started I used to sweat and I couldn’t move it, real, real sort of, had real trouble with it.

Claire S

The weight of a transit wheel is quite heavy but by four o’clock in the morning, they’re very heavy.

Philip L

Every job you do there’s a different pain with it because you’re using a different muscle.

Roy A

That repetitiveness, you know, you’ve got the next job’s like two minutes away. It’s just constant, so I used to find that I’d go home from work and I’d be absolutely exhausted. And then during the night, you’d sleep but you’d wake up stiff.

Kerry W